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Embrace a new era of pain management. Our joint injections are targeted to alleviate your pain and restore your lifestyle


We deliver simple, safe and effective pain relief for osteoarthritis

Don't let joint pain rule your life

Natural, non-addictive, non-opiod injection therapy

Joint pains can rob you of the simple pleasures in life, like playing with your kids, enjoying a round of golf, or even just going for a morning walk. The longer these issues persist, the greater their impact on your life becomes.


Traditional joint injections may have let you down in the past. Maybe you’ve experienced the frustration of repeated injections that are not effective or wear off in a few weeks or even cause more discomfort. The process itself can feel like a shot in the dark, leaving you wondering if there is a more effective, less painful way to get the relief you desperately need.

"I had an Ostenil plus injection for treatment of osteoarthritis in my very painful knee, I am now painfree, if only I’d known about this treatment years ago"

Injection Options


Our team of practitioners are experienced in joint injections, with excellent customer feedback, reducing the risk of pain and discomfort during the injection process and ensuring good results.


Our team will discuss the available injection options, they will then discuss the procedure with you and provide you with aftercare to ensure you are given the best possible outcome. 



Our team will discuss whether you are eligible for a joint injection and ensure you are safe to proceed. We aim to provide the highest level of care and service for our patients.


Pete Woollhead  |  Clinical Director

I have over 12 years experience as a Physiotherapist, having worked extensively with the NHS, military and Olympic sport. I am fully registered and insured with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and a member of the HCPC. I have a proven track record of safe and effective joint injections and offering you a FREE consultation from an experienced Physiotherapist to provide advice and guidance to help manage your osteoarthritis and determine if hyaluronic acid injections are a suitable treatment option for you.  


Get in Touch for a FREE consultation:


Widcombe Surgery

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Martin Sparkes Osteopath 

11 Catharine Place, Bath


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